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Premier Texel Stud Ltd

The Company's beginnings

The company, Premier Texels and Premier Sheep Genetics Limited (PG) started operations in January 1992 with the objective of developing a large purebred Texel Stud flock.

Being aware that the Texel is one of the world's most productive meat breeds of sheep, PSG invested heavily in foundation "seed stock" by purchasing 321 of the most genetically purebred animals from those originally introduced into New Zealand.

From its modest beginning (with only 321 Texel ewes), PSG has increased its stock tremendously and within a short period has grown into one of the largest breeders of registered purebred Texels in the southern hemisphere and is now running 600 purebred ewes.

Premier Sheep Genetics is based at Patangata, Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Rob Forsyth is the owner/manager.

With the demand for the Texel composite rams PSG are producing Texel/Finn/Romney, Poll Dorset, Perendale, Coopworth and Suffolk composites.

Recent Recording History

All stock are fully recorded for growth rate, weaning weight, ultrasound muscle scanning and CT scanning of the top trait leader ram lambs with the NZ Texel sire reference programme.

Genetic gains from sire referencing are enormous as environmental and management variances are isolated allowing selection on genetic merit only - as endorsed by the Mckinsey report

All figures and indexes are available for clients to assist in ram selection.

In Summary

Premier Texel and PSG find the present sheep farming environment exciting. Different breeds and crosses have found niche areas where performance gains have been enormous. No one cross has performed under all environments and identifying and providing the appropriate cross breeds and composites is a challenge PSG are happy to accept.

We have used top genetics in the cross breeding programme and have a range of crosses to appeal to all farming spectrums. With yield grading already being used in New Zealand and saleable meat yield payments available through some meat companies the commercial farmer can be rewarded for the work PSG have done with their Texel and composite breeding programs.

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